Athas Capital Group: The Nation’s Leading Nonprime Mortgage Lender

Athas Capital Group emerged in 2008 as one of the nation’s first non-prime mortgage lenders. With bank’s increasingly tight lending restrictions, it can be very difficult for many borrowers to get a loan. Athas Capital Group was founded to provide a solution to this problem. Nearly 10 years after its founding, Athas continues to provide realtors, mortgage brokers, investors and consumers with the subprime and hard money financing solutions they need. With its transparent products, competitive pricing, and superior service, Athas remains among the leading direct nonprime bridge lenders in the United States.

The founders and principals of Athas Capital Group have approximately 50 years of collective experience in the real estate industry and have tailored its innovative financing programs to meet the needs and demands of the market. A genuine direct lending platform, Athas provides its clients with transparent lending programs, defined and concise financing parameters, and institutional funding capacity. At Athas, all funding, underwriting, and decision-making is done in-house.

Visit to learn more about Athas Capital Group and its lending programs.


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